The Taiping Institute offers a number of paths towards martial studies that puts you in the best position to both specialize in particular areas, systems or focuses whilst also maintaining options for you to develop a purpose built bespoke course of interest. As a result courses are classified as Master-tracks or general certification and continuing education. The former ensures a full comprehensive training in martial arts whilst the latter allows flexibility to study short courses of interest either at an intermediate or post graduation level.


Entrance into the Taiping Institute programs is by introduction (through a Taiping Institute member or affiliate) and requires approval/consent. The objective and commitment to study should be clear. Students can be asked to leave if they are not dedicated, are not socially responsible and do not hold the virtues of the Institute. All Master programs are intended to pass the full content of the system/s. The objective is to teach the whole martial art system without reservation. Excursions abroad and attendance at seminars from further Masters of the members chosen specialization is required these maybe both short or long term depending on circumstances. Public courses are not offered currently. Also please note that due to scheduling,  not all programs are available at all times.

Master Programs

These are the most important programs of the Taiping Institute and are arranged within four major categories. Please note that students should select a specific major for study. The major can be changed within the first six months of study but must be made certain thereafter. Only one course/program is allowed in the first three years, afterwards up to two minors are allowed with preference of the Minor courses being from the Same Category (e.g. Chuojiao major, minor in Bafanquan & Duanquan or Taizuquan major with minor in Dishuquan and so forth). Kindly click on the program name for further information.

Taiping Martial Arts Consist of Three Great Systems, which are considered the most comprehensive and the Eighteen Styles:

Three Major Systems | 三大门

Chuojiao| 戳脚门 Yanqingquan | 燕青门 Liuhequan | 六合门

Eighteen Minor Systems | 十八拳

Bafanquan | 八翻拳
Duanquan | 短拳
Bajiquan | 八极
Tongbeiquan | 通背拳
Tanglangquan | 螳螂
Qingyun Fojiaquan | 佛家拳

Taizuquan |太祖拳
Luohanquan | 罗汉拳
Hongquan | 洪拳
Dishuquan | 地术拳

Yingmenquan | 硬门拳
Huzunquan | 虎尊拳

Taijiquan | 太极拳
Baguazhang | 八卦掌
Xingyiquan | 形意拳 
Wudangquan | 武当拳
Zimenquan | 字门拳
Baimeiquan | 白眉拳

* Please note that throughout the course of training Master program participants are expected to obtain their First Aid Certificates, Fitness Instructor Certificate and undertake courses in relation to Sports Science, Health Science and Physical Science to complement their studies. 

General Public Courses 

These are also possibilities of short courses for specific training objectives. These include courses on Health Cultivation, Qigong, Fitness, Self Defense, Combat methods, specific routines or weapons routines practice and technical workshops. These are not set but rather based on interest. Currently, these public courses are on hold unless by special arrangement.  These and other short courses are offered based on demand basis.

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